Literature and Speech Communication

In order to work as a Finnish and Literature teacher in the upper comprehensive school or upper secondary school in Finland, I need to study spoken communication (10 ECTS) and literature (60 ECTS). This is a project I started in May 2019 at the Open University of University of Jyväskylä and Open University of University of Helsinki. On this page and on my blog I tell more about my progress in the project.

Speech Communication (10 ECTS)

Spring 2019Speech Communication 15 ECTSCompleted
Spring 2019Speech Communication 25 ECTSCompleted

Basic Studies in Literature (25 ECTS)

10.8.2021History of Literature in Western
3 ECTSCompleted
1.4.2021History of Finnish Literature2 ECTSCompleted
22.12.2020Analysis of Literature5 ECTSCompleted
20.10.2015Literature History – From Antiquity
to Renaissance
5 ECTSCompleted
14.5.2020Basics of Literature5 ECTSCompleted
5.6.2021Ideas and Imagery of Western
5 ECTSCompleted

Advanced Studies in Literature (35 ECTS)

2020Reflections of Horror and Fear
(University of Helsinki) – extra course
5 ECTSCompleted
9.9.2021Aesthetics & Theory of Art5 ECTSCompleted
9.3.2022Theories & Methods of Examining
5 ECTSCompleted
7.6.2022Finnish Epic Literature5 ECTSCompleted
13.6.2022Violence and Culture5 ECTSEvaluation
Lyric and Drama in Finnish Literature5 ECTS
31.8.2022Literature Pedagogics5 ECTSRegistered
Narrative Theory5 ECTS

Blogposts (in Finnish):