Completed Projects 2013-

Here is a short summary of my latest education projects I have completed.


My economics project aimed at completing basic studies in economics. I started these studies in 2013, and since then my speed got slower. Also basic studies changed during these years so that I couldn’t use all the courses I had done before. So ending this project became a bit complicated.

Economics project was my priority during summer 2019. On August 10th I finally returned my final learning diary to the University of Helsinki. Now the course is completed and project is finally done.

Completed courses:

  • Basic Course in Economics – 10 ECTS
  • The Global Economy – 4 ECTS
  • Introduction to the Finnish and World Economies – 5 ECTS
  • Economic Terms and Applications – 5 ECTS
  • Population Economics – 5 ECTS
  • Macroeconomics 5 ECTS


Summer school 2.jpg
Final day of the Summer School: Presenting the posters.

I took part in the Social Cognition and the Brain course (4 ECTS) at the Summer School of the University of Amsterdam on 18–28 of June 2018. Course included Frontiers in Social Neuroscience Symposium on 28 of June 2018.

My thoughts of the course can be read in my posts: