Education Projects

This page tells about my study projects, that I always have going on. For 2019-2020 my main goals are completing basic studies in economics and study speech communication (10 ECTS) and literature (60 ECTS).

Summarizing my university studies

In March 2019 I have completed some 525 ECTS in total including 180 ECTS of Bachelor of Arts (2007) and 121 ECTS of Master of Arts (2015) degrees at the University of Helsinki. My main subject in my studies was Finnish language, and my minors are psychology (basic and intermediate studies 2015), leadership and management (basic and intermediate studies 2015), statistics (basic studies 2015), communication (basic studies 2006), education theory (basic studies 2000), special education (basic studies 2018) and almost completed basic studies in economics. In addition I have completed vocational teacher studies at the Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education in 2017.

This is my visual career timeline in March 2019.