Master’s Degree in Administrative Science 8/2020-

I am starting my second Master’s degree in August 2020, as I start my studies at the University of Lapland. This is where I am going to write a summary about my study project. I’ll spend school year 2021-22 on study leave studying my degree.

Adult Development and Work Communities part A
Adult Development and Work Communities part B
Studying Experience5
Dialogical Instruction of an Individual and Small Group – course
Dialogical Instruction of an Individual and Small Group – literature exam

Leadership Psychology II, course
Leadership Psychology II, literature exam
Special Themes of Leadership Psychology5
Qualitative Analysis5
Interpreting Quantitative Research5
Leadership Psychology Seminar10
Master’s Thesis40

Next book exams

Studying Experience 5 ECTS

  • Smith (edit) 2015: Qualitative Psychology: a Practical Guide to Research Methods.
  • Toikkanen & Virtanen (edit) 2018: Kokemuksen tutkimus VI: Kokemuksen käsite ja käyttö.
  • Czarniawska & Galiardi 2003: Narratives We Organize by.
  • Perttula 1995: Kokemus psykologisena tutkimuskohteena: johdatus fenomenologiseen psykologiaan.
  • Smith, Flowers & Larkin 2009: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: Theory, Method and Research.

Leadership Psychology II – literature exam 5 ECTS (2 books) – registered

  • Härtel, Zerbe, Ashkanasy (edit) 2015: New Ways of Studying Emotions in Organizations – section 1: chapters 2-5 & section 2: chapters 12-14.
  • Mayer 2009: Staying with Conflict: a Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes.
  • Popper 2012: Fact and Fantasy about Leadership.
  • Stacey & Griffin 2005: A Complexity Perspective on Researching Organizations: Taking Experience Seriously.
  • Weick 1995: Sensemaking in Organizations.

Dialogical Instruction of an Individual and Small Group 5 ECTS (3 books) – summer studies

  • Kopakkala 2005: Porukka, jengi, tiimi: ryhmädynamiikka ja siihen vaikuttaminen.
  • Levi 2013: Group Dynamics for Teams
  • Yukl 2006 or newer: Leadership in Organizations, Chapter 10.

Waiting for evaluation

Completed courses & exams

Adult development and work communities (Part B) 5 ECTS – Completed 23.4.2021

  • Maslow, A. H.: The Farther Reaches of Human Nature.
  • Sinnott, Jan D.: The Development of Logic in Adulthood. Postformal Thought and Its Applications.

Adult development and work communities (Part A) 5 ECTS – Completed 1.3.2021

  • Aspinwall & Staudinger: A Psychology of human strengths. Fundamental questions and future directions for a positive psychology.
  • Carr: Positive psychology: the science of happiness and human strengths.

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