Master’s Degree in Administrative Science 8/2020-

I started my second Master’s degree in August 2020, as I started my studies at the University of Lapland. This is where I am going to write a summary about my study project. I’ll spend school year 2021-22 on study leave studying my degree.

Leadership Psychology II course 2.12.2021: Demonstrating different roles in groupwork.
Adult Development and Work Communities part A
Adult Development and Work Communities part B
30.9.2021Studying Experience5Completed
15.3.2022Dialogical Instruction of an Individual and Small Group – course & literature exam10Completed
10.6.2022Leadership Psychology II, course15Completed
Leadership and Organizations
Extra theme of leadership (?)
19.12.2021Qualitative Analysis5Completed
Quantitative Research Methods 1
Quantitative Research Methods 2
5.5.2022Leadership Psychology Seminar10Completed
Master’s Thesis40

Next book exams

Leadership Psychology II – literature 5 ECTS (2 books)

  • Härtel, Zerbe, Ashkanasy (edit) 2015: New Ways of Studying Emotions in Organizations – section 1: chapters 2-5 & section 2: chapters 12-14.
  • Mayer 2009: Staying with Conflict: a Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes.
  • Popper 2012: Fact and Fantasy about Leadership.
  • Stacey & Griffin 2005: A Complexity Perspective on Researching Organizations: Taking Experience Seriously.
  • Weick 1995: Sensemaking in Organizations.

Waiting for evaluation

Completed courses & exams

Studying Experience 5 ECTS (3 books)

  • Smith (edit) 2015: Qualitative Psychology: a Practical Guide to Research Methods.
  • Toikkanen & Virtanen (edit) 2018: Kokemuksen tutkimus VI: Kokemuksen käsite ja käyttö.
  • Holstein & Gubrium: Varieties of Narrative Analysis.
  • Czarniawska & Galiardi 2003: Narratives We Organize by.
  • Perttula 1995: Kokemus psykologisena tutkimuskohteena: johdatus fenomenologiseen psykologiaan.
  • Smith, Flowers & Larkin 2009: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: Theory, Method and Research.

Dialogical Instruction of an Individual and Small Group 5 ECTS (3 books) – Completed 31.8.2021

  • Kopakkala 2005: Porukka, jengi, tiimi: ryhmädynamiikka ja siihen vaikuttaminen.
  • Levi 2013: Group Dynamics for Teams
  • Yukl 2006 or newer: Leadership in Organizations, Chapter 10.

Adult development and work communities (Part B) 5 ECTS – Completed 23.4.2021

  • Maslow, A. H.: The Farther Reaches of Human Nature.
  • Sinnott, Jan D.: The Development of Logic in Adulthood. Postformal Thought and Its Applications.

Adult development and work communities (Part A) 5 ECTS – Completed 1.3.2021

  • Aspinwall & Staudinger: A Psychology of human strengths. Fundamental questions and future directions for a positive psychology.
  • Carr: Positive psychology: the science of happiness and human strengths.

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