Educational Administration (25 ECTS) 2022-23

I’m proud to introduce my newest study project at the University of Lapland. I became accepted to carry out Educational Administration module as a minor subject, that started in September 2022. I need these studies to be able to apply for supervisor positions in the field of education in Finland.

This module is described in Finnish:

Opintokokonaisuus tuottaa rehtorin kelpoisuuden muiden ehtojen täyttyessä kelpoisuusvaatimuksista annetun asetuksen mukaisesti (Asetus opetustoimen henkilöstön kelpoisuusvaatimuksista, 1998/986, §2).

Lapin yliopisto, 2022

Size of this module is 25 ECTS and it will be done remotely. Once again I feel very privileged, as there are only 30 students who became accepted to these studies – and only 5 (including me) of us from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Basic studies in educational Administration (25 ECTS)

10.11.2022Introduction to Administration in Education5Completed
10.11.2022Strategies, Administration and Economics in Education5Completed
Human Resources and Well-being in Education Leadership5
1.2.2023Well-being and Student Welfare5Registered
25.1.2023Digitalization, Media and Projects in Educational Administration3Completed
Views into Leading Educational Societies2