Ottolock Tested in Amsterdam


I told in my earlier post, that my Ottolock is easier to use and very effective lock for cycling use. Well, I tested my lock in Amsterdam lately, when I stayed there for two weeks. Everybody told me my bicycle is just something that is going to get stolen immediately when I leave it on the streets. They kept laughing at my lock and said it looks like a toy, and someone is going to steal my bike with or without the lock. I was told absolutely not to leave my bicycle on the streets. People rolled their eyes when I told I have a lock here and took my Ottolock out of my pocket.

Well, of course we all know, that there’s no lock that couldn’t be broken if you leave your bicycle to a wrong place at wrong time. If a thief has enough time and space, he’ll take the bike anyway. That’s just the same whether you use a chainlock, U-lock, cable tie or whatever. In Amsterdam I used bicycle sheds if possible, but sometimes I left my bike on the streets or bridges locked with my Ottolock. The best option in a city like Amsterdam would possibly be using two locks, but this one seemed to be very effective as well. Maybe I was just lucky or time spent in the city was too short for making a comprehensive empirical research, but my bicycle wasn’t stolen during these two weeks I stayed in Amsterdam.