Take Your Own Bike to Your Trip

As I told earlier, I am attending Summer University in Amsterdam beginning next Monday, and I am going to fly there on Sunday. Organizing the trip has been a bit complicated for several reasons, so finding accommodation was a bit of a tough task. Anyway, finally I made a decision to live outside Amsterdam and cycle to school every day. I want to ride my own bike, but how do you get your bike to the destination? I am not going to ride it all the way from Helsinki to Amsterdam, and I want to avoid buying a bag for my bike – because it’s quite rare to need a bike bag. Why should we buy things we need only once or once a year?

So. I tried to find some peer support to know what do other cyclists do when they want to take their own bikes with them when traveling. The first thing I found was a service called Fillarilaukku.fi (operating probably only in Finland) that gave me all the answers I needed. They are renting bike bags for cyclists. That’s just what I need, so I took my phone and booked a bike bag for 2,5 weeks. It was so easy, and today I picked the bag up and packed my bike for the trip.

Bike bag.jpg
This is how you start packing your bike. It’s very easy!

Anyway. I really recommend this service – or similar one elsewhere than Finland – for everyone wanting to ride their own bikes in their travel destinations. For me it costs some 200 euros total to get my bike on the airplane including the bag rental for 2,5 weeks. Of course you have to remember to book a place for your bike from the airplane, but this is pretty cool, right!