Experiencing the New Amos Rex Museum in Helsinki

Yesterday I visited the new Amos Rex art museum in Helsinki. Here are some pictures of the architecture and the first exhibition called Massless.

I must say it was so fascinating! The art museum is located in the very center of Helsinki, and it’s mostly underground with only some rounded skylight windows. The entrance is in a building that is called Lasipalatsi, that represents functional architecture and was built in 1936. Now the building has gone through a complete renovation and got the new part of the Amos Rex art museum.

Overall feeling in the museum is very dreamlike. The first art exhibition is made by Japanese group teamLab. Their work Massless offers you a very special experience combining digital technology and art in this very special space – just a few meters from the hectic city life of Helsinki. And it’s not just walking through the exhibition, but you are also able to participate creating something by yourself with the interactive features of the exhibition. That’s why it’s a perfect experience for people in all ages.

If you happen to stop by in Helsinki, this is a must visit type of thing!

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