Being a Chameleon of Working Life

In my previous post I wrote about changing obvious looking tendencies and trends in working life. I am personally always looking for new directions and challenges in working life, while some people focus on keeping and defending their positions. Yesterday I was talking with my yoga teacher about accepting current moments in our lives and ourselves as we are. That discussion made me question my own lifestyle and attitude towards improving myself.

chameleon - colors

Should I change my thoughts? Is it really worthwhile to keep thinking how we could make ourselves better as human beings or more attractive in working life? Should we just stop and accept ourselves as we are with no desires to go forward or to try finding our own potentials?

In my opinion we should listen to our own feelings. I have never considered improving myself as work, although learning in most cases definitely is hard work. At the same time learning and improving is also so much fun, and I get some special feelings when get something done for myself. Besides, having options and choices in life makes me more relaxed. Fixating to one option feels restrictive. So that’s typical me. Always thinking about and planning next steps of life. So accepting that means accepting myself as I am – a multitasking chameleon of working life.