I Just Received My 4Ocean Bracelet

As I told before, I purchased the 4Ocean bracelet in order to help the organization to clean oceans from plastic trash. So today I received a nice little bag with a bracelet made from recycled materials.



And here is the bracelet itself.


Normally I don’t buy things like this, but this time I made an exception. This bracelet reminds me how important it is to reduce my own plastic usage in my everyday life. It’s tough, because we people use plastic everywhere. However I believe there’s much good we can do for our environment with our personal choices, and seeing these possibilities and acting towards them is important. I just hope we still can save our diverse environment and unique planet from ourselves…

Helping Sea Turtles and Oceans

I just helped pull a pound of trash from the ocean by purchasing a Sea Turtle Bracelet from the 4Ocean online shop. 4Ocean is fighting against pacific plastic pollution. The amount of plastic in oceans is accumulating, and this progress is persistent if we do nothing. I want to help opening everybody’s eyes in this trouble we are having.

These kinds of environmental issues are really important, and we people, countries and societies must change our behavior towards our unique planet. I still believe I can do small things by myself to help and give respect to our environment, and so can you. This is my choice. What is yours?