Leadership in Education (25 ECTS) 2022-

I’m proud to introduce my newest study project at the University of Lapland. I became accepted to carry out Leadership in Education module as a minor subject, that starts in September 2022. I need these studies to be able to apply for supervisor positions in the field of education in Finland.

This module is described in Finnish:

Opintokokonaisuus tuottaa rehtorin kelpoisuuden muiden ehtojen täyttyessä kelpoisuusvaatimuksista annetun asetuksen mukaisesti (Asetus opetustoimen henkilöstön kelpoisuusvaatimuksista, 1998/986, §2).

Lapin yliopisto, 2022

Size of this module is 25 ECTS and it will be done remotely. Once again I feel very privileged, as there are only 30 students who became accepted to these studies – and only 5 (including me) of us from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Basic studies in leadership in education (25 ECTS)