Happy 100th Independence Day, Finland

Tomorrow, December 6th, Finland celebrates 100 years of independence. These days make me and many other Finns look back to earlier generations and their heritage. We must be thankful for them for being where we are today. Among other special things we have an independent, prosperous, democratic and relatively equal country. Personally this is also quite a special year, because my grandpa was born in 1917. He was also one of those young men, who jeopardized their lives to defend their homeland in a war and made it possible, that we are able to live in an independent country today.

So, I highly appreciate this heritage and want to say Happy 100th Independence Day to our beautiful and peaceful country and all the Finnish people.

Finland’s pure nature is something we can be very proud of. Kaunissaari, Southern Finland. Photo © Ville Kilpiä 2016