During the past year I have seen an example of a person, who is trying to harm me on Internet. So this post is for everyone, who is a victim of any kind of harassing or wants to express support to these people. I am strong enough to say it aloud. Harassing, bullying, cyberstalking, abusing and all such action is unambiguously wrong, and it must be stopped!

I also want to remind everyone, that they are not always men who keep doing this – also women can do it, although #MeToo campaign is mostly about women facing abuse. And victims are not always the weakest ones. Everyone, just ordinary people and even the strongest ones can be victims. I have unconditional zero tolerance in my life against any kind of harassing, so I can’t understand what part of word “NO!” doesn’t this person understand. Luckily, already from the early beginning of this action, I have stored all the proofs, and they will be used against her. And this game stops now. I gave her so many possibilities to back off, but she keeps doing it over and over again. But now it’s over. This is what she’s kept begging, and now she must face the consequences.

I am not going to accept this any more and justice must be done. And if she gets convicted in crimes, her personal information will be released in public. I hope she has prepared to that, too. I have no fear, and I have nothing to lose. So bring it on!


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    1. That is so true, Johanna. And I am definitely not the only one facing this kind of continuous harassment online – there are so many people suffering the same. Thank you for sharing the post as well – your support warms me.

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