Lifelong Learning as a Beneficial Hobby

I love studying and world of learning. To be honest, learning new things plays an important role in my life as an essential lifestyle. My dear friend Johanna describes the same thing as follows: “My hobby is overeducating myself.” And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, too! Learning is simply so much fun and it benefits us all when applying for jobs, for example. Studying creates possibilities in life, and that gives me both safety and freedom. Besides it’s very nice to start understanding new things about world and it’s phenomena.

Main building of my home university, the University of Helsinki.

I started my university studying career already in year 2000, when I made my first university courses and finally basic studies in education theory at the University of Helsinki. Since then I have done my Master of Arts degree in Finnish language and my overall ECTS amount is some 500 with several basic and intermediate studies – like psychology, leadership & management, communication and statistics. I also studied vocational teacher studies at the Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education in 2016-17.

Our world is changing fast, and we must be ready to face these large-scale changes and adapt to them. Education is an excellent way to prepare ourselves for changes, widen our worldview and create new possibilities to ourselves. In addition at least in Finland high quality education is within everybody’s reach. However more and more people seem to be unmotivated, because learning means work and takes time. In our fast-paced high-tech world everything should happen in a flash, and this kind of long-term learning process is far too slow for many people. For this kind of learning process we need dreams, patience, discipline, focus and work. Well, these things are definitely my strength.

I won’t give up studying and improving my own professional skills, and at the moment it’s time to do some study planning for the spring period. I hope to see more and more people getting interested in studying and learning for their own future.

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  1. It’s so nice to share overeducation as a hobby with you, Ville 🙂 Studying and learning are double the fun with a friend like you, so looking forward to next time!

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