Challenging and Changing Tendencies in Working Life

In the future we people are supposed to stay in working life longer than ever before. That’s why it’s more and more important to stay healthy, competitive and keep ourselves excited about topics we are working with – and if possible, enjoying of work we do. When we are supposed to work longer, that also means tendering out employers. What do they offer to get the best employees available?

At the same time this means distribution into differentiating categories for both organizations and employees. The best organizations get the best employees, while the worst ones get what’s left. And because of globalization, digitalization and robotization more and more people in their best working age won’t find work at all. At the same time we people live longer, so one main challenge for societies of the future is need to offer something interesting to do for these marginalizing people. The answer may be virtual reality. However, one big question is, do we really accept this kind of tendency? If not, what are we going to do to change it?

Anyway, when this kind of future is possible, I have one good advice for you and me. We should keep improving our own professional skills and competencies, because that is our best weapon in competition. Also it’s important to find a career that really interests us and that we want to work for. For me this means challenging myself and my own career tendency. Because when we do all this, we are also able to call for high quality from the organizations we are supposed to work for.